a bird for georgia

a bird for georgia

a bird for georgia by Don Sinish Watercolor ~ 12" x 9"

Medium: Watercolor on arches 140 lb. cold press rag paper
Size: 12" x 9"
Price: $100.00 USD
Availability: Sold

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Artist Comments

This is from the same day at the Druid Hill Park greenhouse as yesterday's painting.  A warm, sunny, steamy place in the middle of winter.  I went and took photos while a bunch of friends painted and drew.  Two years later, I'm still working on the events of that day.  Yes, of course it looks like something that Georgia O'Keffe would love.  That's what I thought even as I shot the picture.  Maybe in 50 years someone else will be taking a photo thinking it looks like a Sinish.  It would be really funny if it was Georgia in her next incarnation.